Halloween Party

01-07 October

It's Halloween! Let's get out? Request trick or treating?
Wear your coolest costume, for the night will be magical.

It's Halloween. One of the most celebrated days by the Americans and Canadians of the year, but is also famous in Ireland and the UK - where this whole story began. On the streets, costumed children and adults asking, "Trick or Treat?"

The origin of Halloween brings us the traditions of the peoples who inhabited some islands of the United Kingdom between the years 600 BC and 800 AD, although with some differences from the current Pumpkins or the famous phrase "Trick or treat", exported by the United States, who popularized the celebration. Originally, Halloween was not related to witches. It was a festival of Irish Celtic calendar, the festival of Samhain, celebrated between October 30 and November 2 and marked the end of summer.

The ratio of the celebration of this date with the witches themselves have begun in the Middle Ages, when men and women were persecuted for political and religious leaders, being led to trial by the Inquisition, in order to condemn those who were considered healers or pagan. All who were the subject of this complaint was considered a wizard or witch, with high negative and pejorative sense, should be tried by the court and, in most cases.

And in second life?
Several designers will join, showing the style of your brand.
It will be a fun party and everyone is invited.

Read the rules and join us